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Friday, 3 August 2012

Nutriferon telah diuji secara klinikal...Sistem imunisasi yg semulajadi

Nutriferon Clinically tested, natural interferon booster*

Targeted, specific immune nourishment to enhance the production of natural interferon*
A Shaklee exclusive, NutriFeron is a patented, clinically proven blend of immune-strengthening plant extracts. Taken daily, NutriFeron strengthens immune response by boosting the body’s natural interferon.*
 Our immune systems are under increasing attack, every day.
 The scientific and medical communities have identified interferon as critical to healthy
immune function.
 Dr. Kojima, the world renowned immunologist who discovered interferon in 1954, spent
40 years searching for a natural interferon booster.
 The result of Dr. Kojima's work is the proprietary botanical blend in NutriFeron, the
ONLY dietary supplement in the U.S. created by the discoverer of interferon that
naturally increases the production of interferon in the body.*
 The formula for NutriFeron is proven by four published human clinical studies.
 Only Shaklee has the exclusive worldwide marketing rights to this patented formula for
human dietary supplement use.
Our bodies make three distinct types of interferon. These three types are called alpha, beta, and gamma interferon. A different type of white cell in our bodies produces each type of interferon present in our bodies. For example,
Alpha Interferon has been found effective against chronic hepatitis B, a major cause of liver cancer and cirrhosis, as well as for treatment of genital warts and some more rare cancers of blood and bone marrow. Beta Interferon is used to treat multiple sclerosis.
Gamma Interferon is generally used for blood disorders.
These forms of interferon are only available separately and only with a prescription. Nutriferon increases the body's natural production of all three types naturally.
Here are some amazing testimonials that some folks who are using this great product are reporting.

One of my customers who takes the shelf was told by her doctor last year that he was going to have to remove a 5.5 Cm Fibroid tumor, it had gone from 3.5 and he didn't want it to get any larger. However, this lady owns a large company and she didn't have time to take off. So she began taking 12 to 15 NutriFeron a day and in 90 days the tumor has gone down to 1.5. Her doctor told her it had never been that small in the several years. She had a tumor on her Pancreas that they had been watching for 12 years and it began to grow last year so she went in for a sonogram to prepare for surgery on that. While in the examining room the radiologist asked her what procedure she had been through to remove the tumor and she told him none. He said there was no tumor. Then she went back to see her Gastroenteritis who is a personal friend and he said "MA what have you done?" She told him about the NutriFeron and he told her to bring him more information. So here is a lady who was scheduled for two desperately needed surgeries and NutriFeron came to the rescue.


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